Trouble Everyday

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BLUES LAB=星川薫(vo.g) 中森泰弘(vo.g,mdl) 青山陽一(vo.g) 六川正彦(b)
                   小島徹也(ds,vo) 佐野岳彦(hrm,vo) 真城めぐみ(vo) 青山ハルヒロ(vo)


(1st set)
01. Things Ain't What They Used To Be (Mercer Ellington/Ted Persons)
02. Crosscut Saw(R.G.Ford)<青山陽vo>
03. Farther Up The Road(Don Robey/Joe Veasey)<青山陽vo>
04. Jackson Town Gal(Robert MuCullum)<中森vo>
05. Fannie Mae(Buster Brown/Clarence Lewis/Morgan Robinson/Sylvester Stewart)<佐野vo>
06. Take Me To The River(Al Green/Mabon "Teenie" Hodges)<真城、青山春vo>
07. You Send Me(Sam Cooke)<真城vo>
08. If I Ain’t Got You(Alicia Keys)<真城vo>
(2nd set)
09. I Believe To My Soul(Ray Charles)<青山陽vo>
10. Gee Baby, Ain't I Good to You(Andy Razaf/Don Redman) <星川vo>
11. Come Together(John Lennon/Paul McCartney)<小島vo>
12. Nobody Knows You When You're Down And Out(James Cox)<青山春vo>
13. I'll Come running back To You(Sam Cooke)<青山春vo>
14. Part Time Love(Clay Hammond)<青山春vo>
15. Nobody's fault But Mine(Blind Willie Johnson)<青山春、真城、青山陽vo>
16. Bring It On Home To Me(Sam Cooke)<青山春、真城、青山陽vo>
17. All You Love(Otis Rush)<青山陽vo>



『〜tribute to a quiet beatle 2017(dedicaed to G.H.)〜』@渋谷SONGLINES
出演:伊藤銀次vo,ag,ukulele / 青山陽一vo,eg / MAMALAID RAG(田中拡邦)vo,ag / ニシイケタカシeg,vo


●All Cast
01. Wah Wah(George Harrison)


02. Devil In Her Heart (Richard Drapkin)
03. Do You Want To Know A Secret (John Lennon/Paul McCartney)
04. Don't Bother Me (George Harrison)
05. I Want To Tell You (George Harrison)
06. Till There Was You (Meredith Willson)
07. All things Must Pass (George Harrison)


08. Within You Without You(George Harrison)


09. Hari's On Tour(Express) (George Harrison)
10. Sue Me Sue You Blues (George Harrison)
11. It's All Too Much (George Harrison)
12. Beware Of Darkness (George Harrison)
13. Badge (Eric Clapton/George Harrison)
14. Awaiting On You All (George Harrison/和訳:青山陽一)


15. This Is Love (George Harrison)<w/田中拡邦ag>
16. I Need You(George Harrison)
17. Between The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea(Harold Arlen/Ted Koehlner)<w/青山陽一eg>
18. Crackerbox Palace(George Harrison)<w/青山陽一eg>
19. Give Me Love(George Harrison)<w/青山陽一eg>
20. Love You To(George Harrison)


●All Cast
21. Here Comes The Sun(George Harrison)
22. Love Comes To Everyone(George Harrison)
23. I Got My Mind Set On You (Rudy Clark)
24. While My Guitar Gently Weeps (George Harrison)


(Encore by all cast)
25. Something (George Harrison)
26. My Sweet Lord(George Harrison/John Gary Williams)





青山陽一 the BM's(青山陽一vo,eg/伊藤隆博org,cho/中原由貴dr,cho)

パンチのきいたブルース with 清水一登(マダムギター長見順vo,eg/かわいしのぶ b,cho/GRACEdr,cho/清水一登pf,vo)




●青山陽一 the BM's

1. Friday Rider

2. You Know What I Mean

3. Microwave

4. Seven Deadlines

5. Come And Go

6. 難破船のセイラー

7. Just One Note


●Encore by All Cast

・Born To Be Wild (Mars Bonfire)



BLUES LAB=星川薫(vo.g) 中森泰弘(vo.g) 青山陽一(vo.g) 六川正彦(b)
                   小島徹也(ds,vo) 佐野岳彦(hrm,vo) 真城めぐみ(vo) 青山ハルヒロ(vo)

(1st set)
01. Alligator Boogaloo(Lou Donaldson) 
02. Next Time You See Me(Earl Forest/Bill Harvey)<青山陽vo>
03. One More Chance With You(Little Walter)<中森vo>
04. My Babe(Little Walter/鈴木晶久)<佐野vo>
05. Black Coffee(J.Francis Burke/Paul Francis Webster/Sonny Burke)<真城vo> 
06. I Believe To My Soul(Ray Charles)<青山陽vo>
07. Nobody Knows You When You're Down And Out(Jimmie Cox)<青山春vo>
08. I'll Come Running Back To You(Bill Cook)<青山春vo>
09. Somebody Loan Me A Dime(Fenton Robinson)<青山春vo>


(2ndt set)
10. Born Under A Bad Sign(Booker T. Jones)<青山vo>
11. That Lucky Old Sun(Beasley Smith/拾得テリー)<星川vo>
12. Temperature(Little Walter)<中森vo>
13. Same Old Blues(Don Nix)<小島vo>
14. Shot Gun(Junior Walker)<真城vo>
15. Drown In My Own Tears(Henry Glover)<真城vo>
16. Nobody's Fault But Mine(Blind Willie Johnson)<青山春、真城、青山陽vo>
17. Bring It On Home To Me(Sam Cooke) <青山春、真城、青山陽vo>


18. All You Love(Otis Rush)<青山陽vo>









<2nd set>


・Give Me Your Love(Curtis Mayfield)








BM's & FriendsのクリスマスSpecial@吉祥寺マンダラ2

出演:青山陽一(vo,eg)、伊藤隆博(key,pf)、千ヶ崎学(eb,wbs)、中原由貴(dr, wbd,vo)、田村玄一(ps)、大久保由希(vo,eg,dr)



01. Mother(鈴木慶一)
02. The Godfather Waltz (Nino Rota)
03. Drifting Ship(田村玄一)
04. 彷徨(田村玄一)<w/青山陽一、中原由貴>
05. Wichita Lineman(Jimmy Webb)<w/青山陽一、中原由貴>


06. Ring Ring Ring(大久保由希)
07 スマトラマンデリン(大久保由希)
08. ライオンはカンガルー(大久保由希)
09. ブルース明るい未来(大久保由希)
10. Candy(大久保由希)
11. 風を見たのかい?(大久保由希)
12. 恋は売りものじゃない(大久保由希)
13. HAPPY(大久保由希)<w/青山陽一>


●青山陽一 the BM's
14. Freezer Bag
15. You Know What I Mean
16. Microwave
17. All That I Need (Doyle Bramhall II/Susan Tedeschi/Derek Trucks)
18. Quarter Century of Odrelism
19. Jamparica
20. 炎とは何のことか
21. This Christmas(Donny Hathaway)<w/平泉光司>
22. 最後はヌード<w/平泉光司>


23. 停電〜Bright Lights Bugcity
      〜Winter Wonderland(Felix Bernard/Richard B. Smith)
●All Cast
24. Good Lovin'(Rudy Clark/Arthur Resnick)
       〜White Christmas(Irving Berlin)



BAND EXPO presents『こまめに休憩を、気ままに音楽を!vol.6』

出演:BAND EXPO-1(青木孝明、コーノカオル)、ニシイケタカシ(ゲスト:中原由貴、青山陽一)











・She Said She Said (John Lennon/Paul McCartney)







01. Mercy, Mercy, Mercy!(Joe Zawinul)
02. You've Got A Friend(Carole King)
03. Sweet Emily(Leon Russell)
04. Johnny Cliche(石井マサユキ)
05. You Know What I Mean(青山陽一)
06. Killing Me Softly With His Song(Norman Gimbel/Charles Fox)
07. Recado Bossa Nova(Luiz Antonio/Djalma Ferreira)


08. Here Comes The Sun(George Harrison)
09. Luiza(Antônio Carlos Jobim)
10. Pannonica(Thelonious Monk)
11. Peg(Donald Fagen/Walter Becker)
12. 今日の雨はいい雨だ(石井マサユキ)
13. Norwegian Wood(John Lennon/Paul McCartney)
14. Over The The Rainbow(Harold Arlen/E.Y. "Yip" Harburg)
15. Jumping Jack Flash(MIck Jagger/Keith Richard)


16. Jam〜Sunshine Of Your Love(Pete Brown/Jack Bruce/Eric Clapton)


魂のギター兄弟(Home Roast東京編)@高円寺meu nota

出演:平泉光司(vocal & fender stratocaster) 青山陽一(vocal & vox virage II)


01. Rambling On My Mind(Robert Johnson)
02. I've Got A Feeling(John Lennon/Paul McCartney)
03. 空模様のかげんが悪くなる前に(天野滋/竹中尚人)
04. Tuesday Heartbreak(Stevie Wonder)

05. Outback(平泉光司)
06. 真っ赤なあいつ(平泉光司)
07. TOKYO EVENING(佐々木健太郎/平泉光司)
08. Flower(平泉光司)
09. シャボン玉(平泉光司)
10. Again(平泉光司)


11. 休符を数えて生きるのは(堀込高樹/青山陽一)
12. Seven Deadlines(青山陽一)
13. 停電(青山陽一) 
14. Freezer Bag(青山陽一)
15. Are Domo(青山陽一)

16. そんな事が(平泉光司)
17. 最後はヌード(青山陽一)
18. Just The Two Of Us (Bill Withers/Ralph MacDonald/William Salter)
19. ゴロワーズを吸ったことがあるかい(かまやつひろし)
20. Woman Across The River (Bettye Crutcher/Booker T. Jones/Chuck Jones)


21. また逢う日まで(阿久悠/筒美京平)
22. Crossroads (Robert Johnson)



青山陽一 the BM's@沼袋Organ Jazz倶楽部
出演:青山陽一(vo,gt) 伊藤隆博(org,cho) 中原由貴(dr,cho<vocal on M10>)


(1st set)
01. Mercy, Mercy, Mercy(Joe Zawinul)
02. Clyde Wright
03. Barizogon
04. Odrel<instrumental>
05. You Know What I Mean
06. Quarter Century of Odrelism
07. Microwave


(2nd set)
08. Horizon
09. 水に浮かぶダンス<instrumental>
10. There's A Break In The Road(Allen Toussaint)
11. The Dark End Of The Street<instrumental>(Dan Penn)
12. 三日月
13. Jamparica
14. Friday Rider


15. 停電
16. Just One Note


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